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As a step to ensure the highest quality and keep costs efficient, Northstar has its own model and mould production shop.

Hand made models offer a better view of the detailing of the finished product, which saves both time and material. The models allow for any alteration of the moulds before entering production, considerably reducing the time of manufacturing. Hand made models also make technical design work easier as no CAD files are necessary for model building, although in all cases CAD documents are generated as part of the dossier of the final product for our clients (dimensions, volumes and weights).

The use of shrink free polyester in our moulds gives high accuracy in the final products.

Loval engineering
Loval engineering

Fireplace surrounds

Northstar's extensive experience in developing and producing surrounds has positioned the company as the biggest producer of prefabricated surrounds in Europe.

Northstar develop their own concrete, which is especially lightweight yet strong with high thermal resistant fiber-armed concrete which has been specifically developed for fireplaces.

Our 20,000 m2 production plant in Trzcianka allows for a large production capacity. Our production system permits us to build products more efficiently and meet delivery dates more consistently.

All the surrounds from Northstar are produced with the integrated modular technology that allows for easy, quick and safe assembly. Our final products have a high quality smooth surface that can be painted without any additional treatments, making installations quicker and easier which is beneficial to the installer.


As a result of its R&D, Northstar has developed and marketed its own insulating material, Thermotte®, a top of the range insulating refractory material for the combustion chambers.
The Thermotte® has been tested and approved to accept temperatures of up to 1280 ºC. It has a smooth surface without crevasses, a uniform colour all over the product and it is even possible for our clients to choose a colour of their own choice if preferred.

The Thermotte® plates have a perfect fit with no risk of twisting or shrinkage and can be produced in any shape and / or pattern.

The insulation values are optimized for combustion and efficiency, and the tests made by independent regulatory experts have shown Thermotte gives a better performance when compared to other similar products.

The several hundred thousand units in the marketplace equipped with Northstar Thermotte® can be considered proof of quality and performance.

Loval engineering
Loval engineering


Northstar have been developing and testing their Power Stone as heat storing material since its conception in 2004. As a result we have obtained a very reliable product that can be shaped and cast in any form, allowing for stable dry assembling with no hazardous components.

The Power Stone from Northstar has a long cooling period that allows for a more efficient use of energy. As with our surrounds the Power Stone can be produced to be assembled as a modular system, allowing for stability during assembly without the need for glue.


Northstar has the capability of assembling, drilling and finishing a high volume of stoves/inserts per year.

Northstar also offers a useful purchase / sourcing service, as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

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