About us

Northstar specialises in cement-based wet cast materials. Almost forthy years of research, experimentation and refinement has brought our products to an exceptional level of quality and performance. And we continue to invest heavily in R&D to ensure that we also have the best products in the future.

Today, Northstar is the leading manufacturer of fireplace surrounds cast in SHAPESTONE LIGHT.

THERMOTTE® is the insulation material used for the combustion chambers, is self-cleaning at high temperatures. The material also ensures optimal combustion and clean burning.

In response to the growing market preference for slow heat release, we have developed POWERSTONE™, a material whose high density and excellent heat storage capacity enable it to keep emitting heat long after the fire has gone out.

  • We are Europe’s leading producer of wet cast products.
  • We work with many of Europe’s leading brands.
  • We aim to be number one for quality and innovation.
  • We work to reduce our environmental impact.

Ever since Northstar’s establishment in 1984, innovation has been one of our top priorities. In addition to developing new materials, we have taken our unique modular design concept for prefabricated fireplace surrounds and made it even easier to assemble.

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