Quality, research and development

Being able to offer high quality products is our ambition.

To ensure we meet your standards in addition to our own, we have systems that thoroughly inspect the quality of every product at various points during the manufacturing process.

Based on more than fourty years of experience in the business, we have also established procedures for the production testing and analysis phase which will reduce the overall development time for your project.

All materials and mixtures are being tested in our laboratory before approved for production.

Northstar has quality controllers specialized in all parts of production.

We take innovation seriously

At Northstar, we have an in-house research laboratory where we develop new types of concrete. We also refine and improve existing materials. before testing them to check that they meet our strict quality standards.

These tests cover aspects such as strength, pressure, thermic stress and shrinkage.

Samples from production are tested after several strategic time intervals during the concrete curing process.

Northstar is ISO certificated:

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001: Environment Management Systems