All of our fireplace surrounds are produced with integrated modular technology that allows for easy, quick and safe assembly.

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Thermotte® is a insulating material specifically for combustion chambers.

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PowerStone™ is a concrete mix based on crushed Olivine stone. It has been designed to absorb heat while a fire is burning in your fireplace.

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Attention to detail is our key

Our model and mould production shop continually strives to ensure high quality and accuracy during this stage of your design process.

We believe hand-made models offer a better view of the detailing of a finished product, saving both time and materials in the long run. Through testing and experience, we have found that the use of shrink-free polyester in our moulds gives us a higher level of accuracy when designing the final products.

This enables our engineers to make faster alterations to models and moulds, which considerably reduces the time it takes to get a product ready for manufacturing. It also gives you greater peace of mind and control over the final product.

While hand-made models make the technical design process easier, CAD drawings are also included as standard in the comprehensive package of documentation on the final product that we provide. As you would expect, this documentation includes all aspects of the product, including its dimensions, volume and weight.