Heat storing material


PowerStone™ is a heat storing material that can not only be moulded and cast into any shape required, it can be used in components for modular assembly without the need for glue.

PowerStone™ is a concrete mix based on crushed Olivine stone. It has been designed to absorb heat while a fire is burning in your fireplace/stove and release it gradually when the fire goes out.

We make two different types of PowerStone:

  • PowerStone 400 has been developed for heat retaining elements on the external surfaces of inserts or stoves, and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 C
  • PowerStone 800 can withstand temperatures up to 800 C, and should be used for stoves and flue linings where the PowerStone material comes into direct contact with flue gasses and flames.

An excellent example of PowerStone’s heat-retaining capability can be found in Nordpeis`s Salzburg models, which take up to 24 hours to cool completely. The cooling time depends on the thickness of the material used in the final product design.